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Grylls parachutes into the heart of the Namib desert. He trudges through the swamp and shows how to construct shelter, deal with razor-sharp sawgrassget out of a muddy sinkhole and avoid alligators and rattlesnakes. Wild, he tells us to fight dehydration by drinking our own urine, and stay satiated by eating camel spiders, deadly scorpions, and raw goat's testicles. This mountainous region in South America has long been a destination for adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies alike. Grylls drops into the swamps of Florida 's Evergladeswhere at least 60 tourists need to be rescued each year. Bear Grylls gets dropped in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in British Columbia and must find his way back to civilization. Some of us, however, were too mesmerized by the captivating nature in the background to watch Grylls build his own igloo.

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Later in the episode he gives himself an enema in order to stay hydrated on the open seas.

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For food, he traps a rabbit and cooks it to demonstrate how to prepare it. This episode of Man Vs. He eats frogs and cooks a turtle Seminole -style. During its seventh season, the Man Vs. He has to overcome swollen rivers and waterfalls, wet limestone scrambles, and eat bats for dinner. He demonstrates with his shoelaces the boiling of the eyeballs and mutton in the geysersto save digestion energy and disinfect the scavenged food. We travel to a lot of remote jungles but that really shocked me.

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bear grylls naked with tribe
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bear grylls naked with tribe
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