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Every Girl in the World song meanings. Give the guy a break. The song was leaked to the internet on January 28,just two days after " Prom Queen " was officially released. Second, why is everyone jumping on Lil' Wayne he isn't the only person rapping in this song. General Comment i love this song, and i know it "disgraces" women but i dont really care. Top Videos of countdown.

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Every Girl Lyrics

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Third, it's by Young Money, a record company group that is just as sexual as majority of today's music, but you are offened because instead of hidden sexual advances it's up front, and says things like "I want to fuck every girl in the world. To be quite frank just because you think someone who likes this song is a slut that makes you a stereotyping person. Archived from the original on September 29, They don't refer to women as bitches or anything disrespectful, they're just saying what we all know, people love sex and some think it would be fun to have sex with as many people as possible. Woods For free suites, i'd give Paris Hilton all-nighters In about 3 years, holla at me Miley Cyrus I don't discriminate, no, not at all Kit-kat a midget, if that ass soft, i break her off I exchange v-cards with the retards And get behind the christian like d. He refers to all women as ma'am and says that he can't call them by their first names because he's a Southern boy and he was raised to call women ma'am as a sign of respect.

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fuck every girl in the world lil wayne
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fuck every girl in the world lil wayne
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