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Loeb angrily tells Olivia about "two sides" and that he was trying to save her. She also had an alternate-universe version of herself which the show took to calling "Fauxlivia," mostly because she wasn't our Olivia, but we couldn't help but secretly love her anyway. Watch Artists Sketch Tag: Part of it's because they throw little clues at us, and we're tasked to try and figure them out. Preview of Episode 11 "Bound " ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The episode first aired on January 20, on the Fox networkand was watched by an estimated

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Torv starred as the enigmatic Agent Olivia Dunham yep, she played yet another character linked to the F B of I, but I am totally all about this trend of ladies in law enforcement. Olivia fights off the remaining men and escapes, taking several medical samples with her. The Futon Critic Press release. I found it really easy to follow and kind of energetic, and I really loved filming that. How does it tie into the past? Where did we see this guy before?

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anna torv tied up
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anna torv tied up
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