Dating guy with one testicle

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. Wouldn't be an issue for me at all. Yes a man with one testicle can make a woman pregnant one testicle still produces thousands of sperm it takes one sperm to make a woman pregnant share to:. Don't call me dummy I misread you opinion. That the rest of you will be nothing but stray carbon one day, food for seagulls in Pennsauken or wherever, but a twitch of life in your testes will still be alive, in some form or another, breathing and hugging and kissing and getting its phone fixed at the Apple Store on a Tuesday.

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It is not as straightforward as getting breast implants.

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Dating A Man With One Testicle

Actually i kinda met a guy who had only one testicle had a girlfriend. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Imagine explaining the issue every time you had sex with someone new. It's a hard egg shaped piece of silicone tied with a thread to keep it in place.

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dating guy with one testicle
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dating guy with one testicle
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3 thoughts on “Dating guy with one testicle

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