Embarrassing anal sex stories

It was going good till i pulled out, and she shit all over waste and chest. That's gross, too, R Notice the sound effect of the jar breaking is dubbed on and he is in no way shocked, surprised, or in pain when the "glass" breaks. Really, it was the least she could do after shitting all over his dick. Ehrenstein's right-- straight me are stupid!

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He was losing a lot of blood at a rapid pace.

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Who put's their trust in a man that says he "has douches"? He seemed nice and everything, and he was cute, and we started to fuck around. When he was finished he used my shirt to wipe off and then he left. It was a group of guys pretending to be straight and basically wanted me to be a guy who acted like a woman. There was a big ol' slimey piece of shit right in there.

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