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Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. As the anime series went on, it deviated so much from the manga that in the end they told an almost completely different story with the same characters. There is a difference between Forgivenessand Eternal Spiritual redemption, and the psychological debate on if Rehabilitation is possible. When Nephrite is stabbed, instead of his wound having red blood, it's changed into green to make him appear like a monster. DIC attempted to make Sailor Moon more child-friendly and tried to strip away its original Japanese roots. When someone dies, the other characters only stated they were destroyed or eliminated.

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Sailor Stars was not dubbed because the rights were not purchased.

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I think our current Prison system is dependable to rehabilitate anyone. There are several spoilers throughout our list. Though her mission is to find out of the visiting princess is also the missing Princess of the Moon, Serena makes time to indulge herself. To protect their Princess, each of the Sailor Scouts sacrificed themselves. He only targeted other males, often by making them fall in love with him.

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