Why isnt nightfall matchmaking

If someone has them all, great, nothing to see here. I won't even have to read down the thread to know the responses. The Nightfall non-Prestige version seems pretty easy to do with randoms though. A good review of The Last Word Video. I would do the weekly nightfall with my housemate but he hasn't bought destiny 2.

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I suspect that it means their programmers aren't good enough to implement it.

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Destiny 2 Players Need Better Access to Raids and Nightfalls

You get all those unorganized players. Forgot your username or password? I don't even have any expansions. I think a LFG tool similar to that in FF XIV would work though, where you can post that you are looking for a group ingame and other groups could chose to take you, but they could also see if you've done it before, if you have voice chat etc. If players are cheating the system to enjoy the content, it needs to be improved.

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why isnt nightfall matchmaking
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why isnt nightfall matchmaking
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